cluster express eyelash extensions

Express (Cluster) Semi Permanent Eyelashes Bournemouth


Cluster semi permanent eyelash extensions typically consist of single strand of 5-10 blunt-end eyelashes knotted together in a bunch of a “v” shape and applied on to your natural lashes. These cluster eyelashes add instant fullness because of their multi-lash flare. They are slightly more natural in appearance than false eyelash strips. Clusters come in various densities as well as lengths and are much easier to apply successfully than individual lash extensions. Additionally, since cluster lashes apply several eyelash extensions at one time, application time is shorter than individual lashes. Depending on the natural shedding cycle of your lashes and how well you look after them, they can last up to about 2 weeks or longer. They are ideal for special occasions such as weddings, parties and hen weekends.  Cluster lashes need to be removed by professional properly using a solution that dissolves the adhesive.


 Benefits:false-eyelashes cluster eyelash extensions

  • Great if you are allergic to make-up, don’t like it or have no time to apply it
  • Make eyes appear bigger and lifted
  • Good for people who have fair, short or sparse lashes
  • Process of applying is quick  (about  30 minutes)

 Before your Appointment:

  • Allow around 25-40 min.
  • Preferably you should not have makeup or at least no mascara
  • If you wear contact lenses please bring your contact lens case as your lenses will need to be removed.
  • Inform your therapist of any known eye conditions.
  • Do not have your natural lashes permed for 6 weeks prior to appointment


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