LVL lash lift bournemouth

LVL Lash Lift Bournemouth


Bored of using eyelash curlers? Fed up of the false look of false lashes? Want a simple, quick, natural way of brightening your eyes and enhancing your face without getting extensions? LVL Eyelash Lift is a revolutionary lash boosting technique promising length, volume and lift for six to eight weeks. Perms are good for curl and eyelash extensions are great for the wow-factor, but for those of you who want to make a real impact with naturally pretty eyes, lash lift is the way to go. 

For those of you who prefer a lower-maintenance regime, LVL lash lift is ideal. You can pop to the salon on your lunch break and enjoy beautiful lashes for six to eight weeks without worrying they’re going to fall out unevenly or cause problems. The lift will simply fade away gradually as each lash ends its natural growth cycle and eventually falls out. LVL Eyelash lift can benefit anyone who wants wider, brighter, more feminine eyes.



  • Short eyelashes
  • Eyelashes growing downward
  • Special occasion
  • Busy lifestyle
  • Allergy to eyelash extensions glue

 LVL Eyelash Lift VS. Eyelash Perming

Used as a variation of the lash perm, however instead of curling the lashes, the lashes are lifted from the root and visually lengthened. The fundamental difference between LVL eyelash lift and eyelash perming is that, unlike perming, lash lift doesn’t curl the lashes. Perming loses all-important length during the rolling process, which causes the lash to curve back on itself a little. The revolutionary silicon pad technique used in eyelash lift means the lashes are straightened out and then lifted, without compromising on length.


Will LVL eyelash lift hurt or damage my eyelashes?

This treatment is not painful at all. The whole process is designed to be gentle and relaxing and you should leave the salon feeling confident and feminine with your new-look lashes. Eyelash lift doesn’t curl or frizz your eyelashes; it simply provides a healthy-looking lift.

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