3 Step Anticellulite Body Treatment


Lets be honest we women all have some celullite somewhere in our body. Although cellulite is so common we are more aware of it nearer the summer months.

Basically it is easy to be noticed as it looks like orange skin with the visible bumps under the skin. Therefore our  3 Step Anticellulite Body Treatment will target the cellulite on the most commonly affected areas like; hips, thighs, abs, buttocks.

IR Infrared Massage

3 Step Anticellulite Body Treatment start with an IR infrared head massage that heat the tissues before they are treated with ultrasonic cavitation. This heating effect promotes “liquidation of adipose tissue” and deeper penetration of the ultrasonic wave for more efficiency.  In addition to that the combination of these two stimuli makes the effects of the treatment more visible. That is why 3 Step Anticellulite Body treatment is an excellent alternative to surgical interventions.

What is Ultrasonic Liposuction?

Secondly as a main step we use ultrasound device to create the phenomenon of cavitation. As a result of its action the molecules in the tissues vibrate, causing an internal tissue massage. Generated  this way energy damages the membranes of fat cells and releases them. So we get rid of free fatty acids. Then we release them into the intercellular cells that are later transported through the lymphatic system to the liver.

 Cavitation or Ultrasonic Liposuction is used sucesfully nowadays to remove local fatty tissue that is difficult to get rid of areas:

● hips

● thighs

● arms

● waist

● however, it is not a method of treating general weightloss.

Benefits of the procedure:

● reduction of body fat

● local slimming and body shaping

● firming and more elastic skin

● nourishes the skin and tissues

● stimulates circulation and metabolism

Endermology Dermomassager

Lastly we massage with a cup shaped head equipped with movable six rollers balls supported with a suction pipe. The rollers rotate while suction massage which creates better blood circulation and pushes the lymph. Effects of this massage supports anti-cellulite action but also:

  • firms the skin
  • rejuvenate the epidermis
  • these treatments are relaxing and perfectly eliminate stress
  • restore normal metabolism
  • stimulate the cellular transport
  • reduce water retention by activation of lymphatic system
  • eliminatie of toxins
  • reduce of deep fat  layers


  • Non-invasive; The treatments are completely non-invasive, they only support natural processes taking place in the body.
  • Effective; in many people, after 15-20 treatments, the effects are visible comparable to surgical results liposuction.
  •  We consider Endermologie to be as the number one world  treatment in combating cellulite and excess body fat.


The area of the body massaged are slightly red after the treatment but that will calm  soon after the treatment is finished.

To support all these anti cellulite treatments we should help our body with these actions:

  • healthy eating,
  • daily physical activity
  • and to get the full effect drinking about 2.5 liters of water a day.


Treatment frequency is once to twice a week. Normally if you want to achieve result for a special occasion such as holiday a number of six to ten treatments is a good recommendation. A booster treatment once a month is helpful to maintain the effect.

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