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BB Meso Glow

The benefits of having our BB Glow treatment are endless. This is an up and coming treatment that will give your skin that refreshing and healthy look. Proven to give you a smoother, glowing complexion BB Glow really is the modern solution for better skin.

BB Glow

The abbreviation of BB stands for Beautifying Balm that conceals skin imperfections. BB creams were first introduced to the market by German dermatologist Dr. Schrammek. BB glow treatment  is a professional treatment procedure is based on a combination of the properties of BB technology and mesotherapy.

Meso Element

BB glow treatment  is painfree  and not invasive thanks to the MTS system which proves  safety  and complex care for all skin types. MTS also called Meso or Micro Needle Therapy system is a system that stimulate the skin to produce collagen and elastin without damaging it.  Additionally we use the rich cosmetic substances for deeper skin penetration with the use of these micro needles.

How it work

The treatment is very comfortable and luxurious due to the ampoule ingredients  that are rich in active substances.  Thanks to these substances we experience a feeling of strong hydration and relaxation of the skin immediately after the treatment.What`s more this is a multi-tasking procedure which combines the effects of various treatments and has a multi-level effect thanks to the use of appropriate ampoules.

The combination of two separate groups of cosmetics (active substances and light camouflage pigmentation) in one procedure is what constitutes the BB Glow Meso. First ampoule has different effects depending on what our skin needs the most (brightening, whitening, moisturizing, lifting etc.)   In the second part of the treatment we use a skin coloured ampoule with delicate camouflage properties.  We select the closest shade to your skin colour. THen this coloured ampoule is penetrated under the skin with a penlike device using microneedle.  It gently unifies the skin tone and provides skin this trendy dewy look.


With a series of procedures (approx. 3-4 procedures in 1 procedures/a week intervals) the effect of unification of coloration remains even for a few weeks. When one wants to maintain the skin in a constantly good condition in accordance with “Glass Skin trend (glowing, smooth and highlighted, hydrated, but not oily skin), it is possible to use such care permanently.

The procedure does not have any particular contraindications. It may be performed during the entire year. It does not include high concentration of aggressive active ingredients, e.g. acids.  However should not be done for pregnant women and during lactation. The procedure is comfortable and completely painless on condition of use of proper device with MTS head.

The treatment is not performed just before the holiday but at least a few days before. It can also be used as a booster before an important event.
The treatment is not performed for people with rosacea or psoriasis.

The Benefits

After the BB ampoule has been applied it will adjust to your skin tone leaving a flawless and dewy finish!

We use it for any skin colour issues, such as broken capillaries, acne spots, spots related to photo aging, melasma,  dark complexion, etc.

 It perfectly moistens and revitalizes the skin and at the same time whitens it and evens out its tone.

The promise of permanent foundation  that has recently appeared on the Internet is incorrect information.
Proven to give you a smoother, glowing complexion BB Glow really is the modern solution for better skin.
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