Deep Cleansing Facial


A thorough, irreplaceable Deep Cleansing Treatment that will eliminate blackheads and congestion, and will leave your skin feeling ‘super clean’. It is ideal for an Oily/Congested skin type with excess clogging (oil, blackheads) or uneven texture. A deep cleansing facial will help smoothen the skin’s appearance, and reduce the size of your pores.

Why Deep Cleansing Facial is so special?

Deep cleansing facial is one of our most popular treatments. It is a few step process to make sure your skin is deeply cleansed.

  • It incorporate a combination of double skin cleanse,\ while we use first gentle cleanser then AHA cleanser.
  • Then we follow with a light skin peel mask to exfoliate the dead skin cells to expose the skin to further procedures.
  • The mask for pore loosening is applied for the steaming prossecc. And that all is aimed at opening the pores so we can effectively clear the clogged pores.
  • We then perform facial extractions to remove pore-clogging sebum from all whiteheads and blackheads. Sometimes this part of the treatment takes almost half of the time of the whole session.
  • After effectively cleaning the pores we either use microdermabrasion for a further exfoliating actio. Or a high frequency machine or a light peel with a salicylic or glycolic acids aimed at reducing acne flare-ups are used. It depends on the time of the year when the treatment is done and the condition of the skin.
  • One of the last part of the facial is dedicated to a variation of a healing cream, serum with a galvanic machine or a manual face massage to make active ingreadients applied be absorbed deeper by the skin. Again the technique chosen depens on the skin type and condition.
  • Now its the time for a relaxing part when a soothing mask is applied.
  • Lastly we apply moisturizer with spf.
  •  This facial will add radiance to your skin. However at first it is possible to have redness and irritation. It is possible that skin will be a bit flakey in the area where exctactions have been done.

Treatment Cycle

Recommended in a course of treatments to achieve maximum results. In many cases, more than one treatment is needed to achieve the desired result. Generally a series of acne/deep cleansing facials as well as an at-home care that features a daily skin-care regimen is recommended for ideal results.  Hopefully, these treatments will also assist in preventing future breakouts. If you want to get this done before an event, get the facial at least a week before.

I would recommend this facial as a montly maintenance for oily and congested skin types with visible blackheads and whiteheads.

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