Permanent freckle and beauty spot tattooing

Beauty Spot & Freckle Tattooing

These cosmetic tattooing treatments become more and more popular in recent years so decided to talk about them in this recent post.

Beauty Spot

Since historical times, women were looking to draw attention to themselves with beauty spots placed either on the face or breast. Someone may think that permanent make-up has no role to play when it comes to beauty spots. After all they are quick and easy enough to be drawn with a pencil. Yes but are they natural that way ? It might be that one day, you have this beauty spot and the next day it does not longer exist.
So the beauty spot is ideally suited for permanent make-up these days. They are long-lasting, do not wash off and can be done on any place on the face or the body. They do also look more natural than the ones that are pencilled in. Beauty spots will attract attention and enhance the area. Sometimes they can also hide the tiny scars, for example these from acne or chickenpox etc.

Useful Tips for Tattooing Beauty Spots

We would advise you to respect some rules when coming to tattooing the beauty spots.
  • First avoid pure black as this can produce a bluish colour when permanent  make-up fades.
  • Also never have the existing beauty spot tattooed on, we actually should not tattoo the natural beauty spots on the body which you probably know if you already have a tattoo somewhere on the body.
  • Where to have the beauty spot ? You can come to our studio with your own idea of where you want the beauty spot to be or we can recommend you where it would best look on you

Freckle Tattooing

These are doubtlessly very pretty and give the owner a youthful look. Freckles are associated with sound health, nature and sun. They are therefore much sought after and can be achieved with the help of petmanent make-up. These tiny skin freckles can appear naturally, but you can also have them added with permanent make-up
If you have your own freckles somewhere on the nose, chin cheeks forehead or anywhere on the face actually, we can just add some more there next to existing ones. They actually are more recommended to these complexions, that already have some kind of freckles, but it’s not necessary.
You can have freckles created on your own skin, even if you don’t have naturally any freckles we create a tiny brown little freckles that are more 3-D shaped and realistically looking. As with permanent make-up or tattoo they always look darker after they’ve been initially created. Therefore you need to wait a week.

Beauty Spot & Freckle Tattooing Post Treatment Instructions

  • Keep the area clean and dry.
  • Apply after-care cream for about a week.
  • Freckles or beauty spots will heal within a few days
  • If they are not sufficiently dark you can have them darkened after four weeks from the first procedure.
  • When healed, they look very natural however, exposure to the sun makes them more likely to fade so you would need to wear an SPF cream throughout the year if you want the colour to last longer.
  • Because it is semi permanent make-up, they will eventually fade so they will also need refreshing if you want them  to last you longer.

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