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Highly Defined Eyebrow Makeover

Eyebrow grooming treatment is massive hit with celebrities; this beauty treatment aims to create flawless, structured, definied shape on even the fairest, straggliest and unruly of eyebrows. Fashion for high definition eyebrows have revolutionised eyebrow care to give everyone that extra bold eyebrow look. It can be a treatment suitable for someone who has sparse brows or wants to try having fuller/ thicker brows.

Being permanent makeup eyebrow specialists we do specialise in eyebrow shapes /drawing symmetry that will allow us to match the perfect eyebrow shape for your unique face.

The treatment compromise 3 stages: tinting, shaping and finish.


Your stylist will dye your eyebrows to complement your skin and hair tone, style and face shape. Pale, translucent hairs can make the eyebrows look thin and straggly. Tinting these hairs could reveal neat, shapely eyebrows you never even knew were there.

The tint takes only about 5-10 minutes. The tint is likely to stain the skin between the brow hairs initially, making them appear darker in the first day or so than they really are. Eyebrow tint is described as semi-permanent dye not because the colour fades, but because eyebrow hairs have a very short growth cycle.

If there are concerns for skin sensitivity to certain products, a free patch test is recommended 24 hours prior to tinting.


This step will include trimming, waxing, plucking and/or threading to give you a perfect brow shape.

It’s amazing what a difference a nice pair of shapely  defined eyebrows can make to the structure of the face. Having neat, defined eyebrows frames the eyes, boosts facial symmetry and creates anattractive look with a more youthful face.

Make-up Finish

Your eyebrows will be shaped and drawn in using our selection of our eyebrow makeup powder/wax / pencils. You will also get a mini makeup lesson so you can recreate your new eyebrow look at home. You will be able to purchase eyebrow products for home use.

You are advised to redo the treatment once every 4 to 6 weeks depending on how quickly your hair grows and how well your hair holds colour.


  • Thin or sparse looking eyebrows
  • Light colour eyebrows
  • Lack of eyebrows definition
  • Radically changing your hair colour
  • Grey hairs in your eyebrows
  • Ideal for holidays, special occasions

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