How we can do Permanent Make-up corrections with PMU remover?

Nowadays, permanent make-up is a very popular service performed by many artists. Unfortunately, some services offered are provided very poorly and with unadequate levels of experience and competence.

We currently perform more and more permanent make-up corrective pigmentation treatments. We brighten and remove unwanted pigment used in permanent make-up treatments by these poorly trained permanent make-up artists.

Why not laser always help?

The most popular method of getting rid of unwanted pigmentation is with the use of a laser. Laser however does entail a huge risk of complications. We use a special product to remove and brighten the permanent tattoo or make-up. The pigment PMU Remover is an innovative product designed to lighten the healed  permanent make-up. This method is safe also on mature and sensitive skins. 

Permanent Make-up PMU Remover is an alternative to laser treatments. It works perfectly with pigmentation in different colors and in very delicate places such as lip tissue or eyelid, or lip which is where often a laser cannot be used.

How Permanent Make-up Corrections with remover works?

As opposed to laser removal of a tattoo or make-up PMU Remover pushes the pigment out during the procedure and along with the scab during the healing process. Removed pigment particles do not settle in the lymph nodes or in the liver like it happens after the use of a laser.

The minerals contained in the PMU Remover soothe irritations and take care of a safe healing process and also cause prolonged exfoliation after the scabs come off treatments. using Remover do not exclude the client from everyday life.  the area covered by the treatment is immediately brighter. 

Post-Treatment Instructions 

  • For three days after the procedure do not soak the area or apply any creams.
  • Only on the third day we recommend using the ointment for home care after the treatment.
  • The home care product should be used four times a day.
  • Do not scratch, peel off the scabs.
  • Also do not use the sun, sauna, sun beds or swimming pool.

Advantages of using PMU Remover:

  • Is an acid-free option.
  • A healthy alternative to laser treatment.
  • The pigment comes out together with no scab.
  • No black or yellow scab.
  • Removes pigment regardless of its color.
  • Effect is visible after just one treatmen.
  • Comparable to laser less painful for the client.
  • More gentle on the skin.
  • Possible to work in lip or eyelid area.

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