Lip Permanent Make-up


Lips are the facial feature people are interested in most after the eyes.  Full and well coloured lips are the symbol of femininity.  To show their lips at their best women have always practised the art of make-up. It is effective, but unfortunately you have to keep replying it.  Moreover as the ageing process begins we start to lose the shape, fullness and colour especially to the outer border of the lips.

And while nature gave some of us perfectly well defined mouth, others are bothered that their lips are too thin or lacking the colour or symmetry. Full lips are the signs of youth and vitality. Especially the lip liner is very important, because it makes the whole lip stand out. We often loose that colour around the lip contour with age, so our lips start appearing very pale and shapeless. We also lose the plumpness, but that can be easily restored nowadays with hyaluronic acid lip filler.

Permanent Make-up for better looking lips

When we have in mind beautiful and full looking lips, we have the colour in mind. That is what we try to achieve with permanent make up for lips.

Permanent makeup can also be used to correct any symmetry in the lip. It is often achieved by adding a touch of colour in the area that lacks the symmetry and colour. Asymmetric and  thin lips are the primary indication for the application of permanent make up.
However we aim above all for the balance. The lips must always look natural when speaking, smiling or laughing because the colour is long lasting and will not wash off. You need to look like you have evenly applied lip blush or a lipstick all the time.

Permanent Make-up process

Before the Treatment

During the consultation, we discuss what lip goals the client has about perfectly looking lip. We ask whether they want more discreet look or a full lipstick colour. We also use the lip pencils to try some colours on the clients lips before doing the actual procedure.

The Proceure

The procedure starts by outlining the whole lip, and then we shade the colour inside the lip from the contour to the inner side of the lip.  It may all take about 1 to 1 and half hours for a bigger sized lip. The lip may look swollen after the procedure and the colour is more intense, however, swelling last only for a few hours.

After the Treatment

During the initial week, when the lips are healing, it’s expected to loose about 60% of the pigment. Lip area can be sensitive for the first two weeks following the procedure.
If the client needs to be outdoors they should wear SPF sun protection factor lip balm on the lips. It’s also advisable not to eat spicy food for the first few days after the procedure.
After about four weeks, you can see the final colour. Then it is the time to decide whether you need to touch up if some areas are lighter than others. All touchups can be done after the initial four weeks.
If the colour looks good and you are happy with the result you don’t need a touchup. You may just come for a refresher every one to 2 years.  Just remember that long-term protection should be involved such as wearing a SPF lip balm if you want to prolong the colour. You can enjoy the long term lip colour that will not smudge no matter what you do.


Nowadays, we do the lip blush or the lipstick look with not a visible lip liner like it used to be in the previous years.  It all should look more subtle now with no visible harsh lines so nobody can notice that it is permanent make-up applied.

Lip Liner

We have to stress out that we cannot colour the lip edge on the outside of the lip to make them looking bigger. If you want the bigger lip, then you should choose to have a lip filler instead of a permanent make-up.  The permanent make-up lip purpose is primarily to add the lost colour, make lips looking fuller, prettier, and visually bigger. However we do not actually change the size of them in this procedure.

Lip Blush

Blush refers to a very natural  and subtle application of colour to the lips using cosmetic techniques. It just ad a hint of colour, creating more defined and polished appearance of lips. It does not give bold lipstick look and no visible lip liner. The goal is to create the soft, blended effect that complements the client`s natural lips.

Lipstick Pigmentation

This is more a traditional and classic way of enhancing lips, with more defined Lipliner. It gives more colour and is a long lasting option to add colour to the lip. I also want to mention here that if there is any assymetry this technique will correct it much more effective than the Blush. Variety of shades are available to choose from and we choose them individually for each client.

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