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Meso Plumping Facial in Bournemouth, Poole, Dorset & Hampshire


Meso Plumping Facial is a non surgical treatment which brings back the beauty and health to our skin.  It is also called mesotherapy and is one of the most common and effective method to regenerate and renew the skin. It involves injecting the skin in micro injections just below the skin with specially prepared skin – care coctails.

What is involved

We use only the highest quality medical products such as a french origin Cytocare 532 with the highest amount of hyaluronic acid to plum the skin or Stretchcare to improve the look of the sagging skin. Mesotherapy is a micro injection treatment that delivers nourishing substances to the layers of the skin where cell repair and growth occurs.  This treatment helps improve dull, dry, lifeless,  tired looking skin, superficial wrinkles and is ideal for skin conditioning. A series of superficial micro injections are done by hand or a hand held device delivering rapid injections for larger areas. As a result skin becomes luminescent, hydrated, nourished, and firmer and a texture is improved.

Normally procedure is well tolerated, but for a sensitive skin or area anaesthetic cream can be used prior to the treatment. In order to obtain the optimal results, the needle mesotherapy should be carries out in a series of treatments. Initially a course of 4 sessions are advised every 4 weeks, with maintenance every 9-12 months.


  • broadly understood anti-ageing prevention
  • cellulite treatment
  • bruising and swelling under the eyes
  • stretch mark treatment
  • wrinkles
  • dry skin
  • treatment of hyperpigmentation
  • sagging (flabby) skin
  • hair loss or thinning hair


  • acne
  • herpes simplex
  • epilepsy
  • psoriasis
  • pregnancy
  • breastfeeding
  • kelloid scarring
  • active infection
  • malignancy

All the substances used, normally occur in the skin but degrade as our skin becomes older and stressed. Mesotherapy replaces these naturally occurring vitamins, nutrients and hyaluronic acid that is also present in our bodies but decreases with age.

Side effects: Minimal swelling, marks and bruising from injections are common side effects. Infection, allergy, scar or pigmentation is very rare. Ice packs are applied to reduce swelling and bruising, moisturiser and SPF cream is used afterwards and make-up

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