Permanent Make-up for Alopecia and Chemotherapy


People loosing hairs due to all different reasons such as chemotherapy, trichotillomania or alopecia can feel less confident due to their hair loss. Alopecia is an auto-immune disorder and condition affecting both men and women generally meaning sudden hair loss. It not only attacks the head hair follicles but the eyelashes and eyebrows too. Trichotillomania means pulling lashes or brows unintenionally. Also chemotherapy can result in more or less permanent hair loss in the brow area. No matter what reason, when people start loosing hairs they start feeling less attractive and less confirdent. Permanent make-up for alopecia and chemotherapy can help solving hairloss problems.

How can permanent make-up help?

Luckily all people loosing hairs can in turn feel more attractive with the help of permanent make-up. Permanent make-up for alopecia and chemotherapy is a perfect solution to restore the appearance of eyebrows and eyelashes. Cosmetic pigmentation is also being supported by oncologists in helping patients to feel more positive about themselves during chemotherapy.

Semi-permanent make-up will add definition and colour to the eyebrow and eyelash area by making the appearance of the hair loss less obvious.  Permanent make-up is not aimed only at women because alopecia affects men and women alike.  With the services that we offer especially hairstroke technique, men can also take advantage of the eyelash definer as well as the eyebrow procedure. These highly effective treatments can help people to feel more positive during a very hard and upsetting time in their lives. Permanent make-up offers a long-term and natural looking solution for the face. In other words, the make-up will be semi-permanent meaning i will slowly fade. It need to be refreshed every year to a few years.

You are in safe hands

I am Caroline, permanent make-up technician with over 13 years of experience in the permanent make-up field. My speciality is the appearance of realistic looking hairs strokes to achieve 3D brow effects that restore the appearance of real hair. I can help you to create a very natural look. Permanent make-up is the perfect solution for pre- and/or post-chemotherapy in the case of hair loss.  There is a choice of a subtle, shaded or sharper eyebrow or lashliner look too. These highly effective treatment`s aim is to  give clients back their self-confidence.. 

Discounts for treatments

Here at Blush we understand men and women struggles with hair loss in eyebrow and/or eye area.  That is why we want to help offering discounts for eye and eyebrow permanent make-up treatments that will help men and women to gain their confidence back. 

If you suffer from alopecia, trichotillomania or undergoing chemotherapy and consider permanent make-up contact me using details on the bottom of the page.  I am an expert in the field of permanent make-up and will offer you advice and guidance on this subject. I will be happy to show you my portfolio of my before and after treatment photos.   I’m happy to help so contact me for a free of charge consultation.

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