Perfect, Long-Lasting and Smudge-Free Permanent Make-up Bournemouth

How can permanent make-up change the way you look?

Now you can stay always perfect with no need to retouch the make-up during the day. Permanent make-up looks more natural than conventional make-up. It’s important if you have an occupation where you feel better looking as if you are wearing light makeup all the time. The aim of the treatment is to give a natural light make-up and the end results enhance your natural features and not necessarily look like topical make-up or unattractive tattoo. You want the convenience of waterproof make-up that will not smudge, or run especially when you have an occupation where you often perspire, requiring you to re-apply makeup often.


Defined Eyebrows
  • Lifted eyebrows that will make you look younger and define too-thin or sparse eyebrows; using fine, natural and realistically looking hair strokes

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permanent eyeliner Bournemouth
  • Framed eyes enhance eye colour & remove the washed-out look with smudge-free, long-lasting colour  elegant eyeliner for seductive look

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permanent lip liner Bournemouth
  • Enhancement of current lip shape and shade by adding lost pigment to visually increase the lips with natural contours and subtle shading

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Would you like to know how you can benefit from permanent makeup?

Would you like to have the make-up does not smudge or run? Permanent make-up is practical and waterproof and will stay intact all day, therefore, its perfect for physically active people and any weather conditions.

Would you like to feel and look more confident? Permanent make-up has a very positive psychological value that definitely increases self-confidence.

Would you be happy if the time you spend on your make-up got shorter or even end? Permanent make-up is the perfect alternative to daily make-up applications and retouches during the day.

Would you like to achieve the effect that lasts for a long time? Permanent Make-up is long-lasting  1-3 years or longer.

Would you like thicker, more defined eyebrows? Beautifully-defined eyes? Fuller, colourful lips? Permanent make-up accentuates the shape and colour of your eyes, lips and eyebrows.

Would you like to look younger?  Permanent makeup is perfect for solution for ageing. It replaces the lost pigment and restores definition in lips, eyes and eyebrows. It creates a similar effect of a brow lift effect – but without the surgery!

Do you have sparse, uneven eyebrows? Are you not happy with the shape of your lips? Do you have this washout look without eye make-up? Permanent makeup corrects these parts of your face and enhances its beauty.

Would you like a beauty mark above your lips or on your cheek? Permanent makeup can make your face look unique!

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Safe solution with anti-ageing effects

This very popular treatment nowadays can give you a perfect, natural and ready-made up look without all the hassle of applying eyebrow, eye or lip make up every day.  As we age, we start to lose the colour and definition of our lips, the eyebrows hair and our eyelashes become sparse. We start seeing a pale reflection of the face but its freshness can still be improved. It all happens as we know how we used to look in the past. Permanent make-up can definitely put back that lost definition in your eyes, eyebrows and lips. It can help to give this incredible effect of an eyelift.  Permanent make-up is a safe and relatively painless alternative to plastic surgery and can considerably defy time. A few of the solutions include:

  • eyebrow lifting
  • more defined and enhanced eyes, a brighter look
  • fuller lips,  with added colour and volume
  • restoring your original/youthful features

Thanks to my advanced 3D techniques and the best equipment on the market you can enjoy all the benefits from permanent make-up that will look completely natural. Adding three-dimensional hair strokes to your eyebrows will create a realistic illusion of your own hairs. My permanent make-up looks so natural that my customers wished they had had it done long time ago.

Have you had permanent make-up done before and you have been disappointed with the results?

Or have you got the result you are not happy with you and would you like to have it corrected? You can contact me for a free of charge and no obligation consultation. Please use contact details below or book the appointment online. For more information, visit our Correction page.

What our Customers say

“Thank you very much to Caroline. I had a very positive experience, Caroline was very professional, considerate and understanding. I felt very confident in her experienced hands and I am very pleased with my sp eyeliner. Highly recommended”


Love my new brows! Very comftable and descreet enviroment. Will always use Blush Beauty so pleased !x


I had my eyebrows created by the lovely Caroline before Christmas – guess what? I have not had to fill them in – add colour – they do not smudge – they are so easy to look after – I adore them! I just wish I had had it done ages ago – at Caroline Permanent Make-up Bournemouth – thank you so much


“What can I say? As always Caroline is helpful informative and lovely … her work is first class (other beauticians have commented on my eyebrows, lash extensions etc how well they are done). I would have no worries to strongly recommend. “


Make-up looks excellent, is healing very well and my eyeliner looking fab. Thank you so much for a great job.


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