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Profhilo is an innovative rejuvenating preparation that is currently the only product in the world used for bio remodeling, using a thermally stabilized hybrid molecule, known as the youth molecule. It is your way to lost facial contours.

Thanks to the use of selected natural hyaluronic acid with the highest concentration so far (as much as 64 mg in one dose) and the new generation of hyaluronic acid cross-linking, thanks to which it has no disadvantages of chemical modification, a multi-level preparation was created. This means that we rejuvenate not only the skin, but also the subcutaneous tissue, which is the scaffolding of the skin.

How does it work ?

The secret of the youth molecule lies in the slow and long-lasting release from the injection site, rebuilding and restoring skin components lost over the years. Additionally, the chains of hyaluronic acid of selected length stimulate the cells of the dermis to synthesize collagen and elastin, thanks to which it regains its firmness and elasticity.

The treatment with Profhilo strengthens and thickens the skin, smooth wrinkles in the cheek area, as well as in the area of ​​”crow’s feet”. It slims the facial features, restores the proper skin tension, while lifting the jaw line and the upper part of the neck. The facial features become slender and more clearly defined, and the whole face rejuvenated, giving the expected volumetric effect.profhilo in bournemouth

The applied Profhilo youth molecule slowly and long-lastingly acts on the skin like “millions of springs”, which restore the contour of the face and give the firmness effect lost over the years.

What effects can you expect?

  • restoration of the lost contour and face profile,
  • reduction of wrinkles,
  • slimming the lower part of the face and improving the tightness of the neck skin,
  • face lifting effect,
  • improvement of skin firmness,
  • improvement of skin tension,
  • elimination of sagging cheeks, the so-called “Hamsters”,
  • smoothing the marionette lines and the mouth area,
  • reduction of furrows on the jaw line,
  • improvement of deep skin hydration.

Description of the procedure

The use of the innovative Profhilo preparation allows to use a special injection technique, limiting the injection area to only 5 punctures at precisely selected anatomical points on both sides of the face.

Injection in places called Bio Aesthetic Injection Points on the face allows to stop the aging process more fully, ensures perfect diffusion of the preparation and gives the slender effect to the face. Slow injection of the preparation makes the bioremodeling procedure practically painless, and the chance of swelling and bruising at the needle puncture sites is also reduced.profhilo in bournemouth

In order to fully rejuvenate the skin, 2 treatments are usually sufficient, however, in some cases, with very poor skin condition, it is recommended to perform an additional treatment two months after the last treatment.

Advantages of the treatment with the use of the youth molecule:

  • multifaceted rejuvenating effect,
  • neutralization of skin sagging without surgical intervention,
  • general, long-term improvement in the appearance of facial skin,
  • short treatment duration,
  • only Profhilo does not contain any chemical cross-linking agents,
  • the effects usually last for about 1-1.5 years,
  • the procedure is completely painless, only 10 punctures are required.

Treatment Facts

Avg. Recovery 24 Hours

No. Sessions incl. 1

Anaesthesia Topical

Type Remodelling Injectable

Permanence 6 Months

Effects 4 Weeks

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