RF Skin Tightening




Invisible radio wave energy is passed harmlessly and painlessly through the skin and gradually heats up the tissues. The existing collagen under the skin is transformed, encouraging the production of new collagen and elastin cells. The collagen fibre is altered and the effect produced is collagen tightening and remodelling. This leads to a noticeably more youthful complexion.

This has many physiological effects on the dermis, the primary being tightening, firming and brightening, and this is because the thermal reaction causes the contraction of collagen in the short term and collagen synthesis in the long term, tightening the underlying skin structures without damaging the top layer. It is particularly effective on areas that commonly suffer from skin laxity such as the brows, jowls, jaw and neck, ensuring skin looks lifted even after just one application.


Radiofrequency sessions may require a topical anaesthetic cream.  Following radiofrequency, many clients will experience redness but this quickly dissipates, particularly with application of cooling gels and calming products, so there’s very little downtime with the treatment. The number of radiofrequency treatments needed in a course depends on the client’s skin laxity, but for truly visible results, I would suggest between three-to-five sessions over a period of three-to-five months. By using the technology consistently, it ensures maximum contraction and synthesis of collagen production, even affecting the more resistant cells.

rf microneedle



Increased skin firmness, plumping and vitality

Effective skin tightening – reduction in loose skin

Scar and wrinkle reduction

Noticeable lift to the face – a sculpting effect

Painless and no downtime.