Biological Effects of Radiofrequency Skin Tightening Facial

The main effect of this fantastic skin treatment is the overheating of collagen fibers to a temperature of 54°C. This in turn contract and then tighten these fibers. Additionally overheating contributes to accelerated creation  of fibroblasts which in turn is necessary for the production of collagen and elastin. Thanks to this, we obtain the effect of increased skin tone and improved elasticity. We call this type of heat an endogenous heat, because it is produced inside the tissues.

Moreover radiofrequency contributes to thermolipolysis, and thus stimulation of changes in fat tissue. Another beneficial effect is the improvement of circulation. Increasing arterial blood flow improves oxygenation cells, accelerates the process of tissue absorption, and also accelerates cellular metabolism.

Indications for Radiofrequency Skin Tightening:

• improving the oval of the face and chin

• firming the skin structure

• shallowing of deep wrinkles

• reduction of “bags” under the eyes and “crow’s feet”

• collagen reconstruction

• therapy prevents aging – prevention

• reduction of discoloration, impurities, enlarged pores

Benefits of Radiofrequency Skin Tightening

Basically the use of Radiofrequency contributes to the reduction of excess body fat, reducing problems associated with cellulite, and body shaping in body treatments. In facial treatments it  leads to minimizing wrinkles, increasing skin elasticity, modeling the oval of the face and improving its appearance.

Undoubtedly Radiofrequency (RF) begins a new era in the fight against the appearing signs of skin aging, loss of its elasticity, and body shaping.  Additionally it is an alternative to clinical procedures. As mentioned before radiofrequency treatment heats collagen to 45-60 degrees C, which causes immediate shortening of bonds collagen. That way the skin shrinks which in turn gives a lifting (pull-up) effect that we get already during the procedure.


The effects of the treatments are visible quickly after just a few treatments. It is recommended to perform 4-6 treatments with a frequency of every 15-25 days.

Maintenance Treatment:

1 treatment every 3-6 months is recommended. 


• It takes 20-60 minutes depending on the treated area

• Procedure is completely painless (warm/hot sensation)

• Does not require a break from work and social life

• The treatment consists of a massage with the head emitting an electromagnetic field with the frequency of waves (RadioFrequency)

Preparation for Treatment:

• First the skin must be cleansed of all creams and cosmetics

• Secondly the patient must not have any jewelry or metal objects during therapy.

• Before the procedure – treated areas are photographed in order to monitor therapy progress.

Advantages of this treatment:

Advantages of this treatment:

  • Non-surgical procedure,
  • Does not require injections,
  • It is painless,
  • Does not cause bleeding, wounds or scarring,
  • Shortens treatment time,
  • It has no downtime after the procedure,
  • Gives quick results,
  • Finally the effect is long-lasting.

Hifu and Radiofrequency

Although RF is on the market for a lot longer time than HIFU it does not offer the same results for the client.

Compared to HIFU RF uses radio frequency technology to warm up the tissues in the upper layer of the skin while heating the most superficial skin layers. 

Both technologies stimulate collagen production. However HIFU does penetrate with its high intensity ultrasonic energy directly working in the SMAS (deeper) layer where other technologies do not reach.

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