Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions in Bournemouth


Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions  are designed to thicken and lengthen the natural eyelashes. Volume Lashes are ultra-soft and feather light eyelash extensions designed to create a fluffy, full volume look. Up to 10 lashes can be applied to a single natural lash, perfect for feathering and layering ( lashing technique). 

These Eyelash Extensions are all unified and tapered to perfection. It has far superior curl retention to real mink, jet-black from root to tip, possesses a radiant, natural looking sheen and create a subtle natural and fluffy look.

Blush Beauty Lounge offers a few variations of russian volume eyelash extensions starting from corner flicks to enhance the outside corners of the eyes.  Half set takes 45-60 min for more natural look, perfect for every day,and will last 2-4 weeks.  Full/dramatic full set option is great for a special event like a wedding.This takes 60-120 min but will be more noticeable and will last up to 4-6 weeks.  Additionally we create super natural looking quick 30min sets of lashes when you have limited time and/or budget.  However you can have also a glamorous ultra volume set for a longer holiday or a special occasion. The choice is yours.


The duration of Individual Eyelash extensions very much depends upon how you will treat them. After having your eyelash extensions, it is normal to experience loss of some lashes during the first 24 hours. As eyelash glue is still setting. Please take extra care during this. And do not worry as approximately 60-100 lashes are applied to each eye. It is important to follow these guidelines to prolong the life of eyelash extension.

Follow these guildlines:

  • Try not  getting your eyelashes wet for the first 24 hours. After that it is safe to swim, shower and wash your face with water.
  • Do not use saunas or steam during the first 48 hours.
  • You can rinse your eyelashes with water and pat them dry gently with a towel. However, do not rub your eyelashes while washing them and avoid using cotton wool.
  • Be careful when using your skin care products as in contact with eyelashes, they may compromise the bond.
  • Eyelash curlers should not be used as they may damage the bond and break theeyelashes. If you would like to have curlier lashes please consult your technician before
  • the procedure.
  • Do not pick pull or rub your eyelashes.
  • You need to take extra care when using makeup remover as it may contain oil that damages the bonding agent. We recommend to use oil free makeup remover only.
  • Gently groom your new lashes with an eyelash brush or come whenever necessary.
  • If you wish to use mascara, we recommend using water based mascara, as it is specially designed to be used with lash extensions. Avoid using waterproof mascaras as that will shorten the life of your lash extensions.
  • Lashes should not be permed or tinted. If you require eyelash tint you need to do this before the application of fake lashes.
  • If you experience any itching or irritation, contact your lush technician as soon as possible to remove them.
  • Individual eyelash extensions should only be removed by a professional to avoid natural lash damage. If you require eyelash removal, please contact your eyelash technician.
  • Return for infill on time to qualify for maintenance.

Removal of eyelash extensions

I always recommend to my clients to remove individual eyelash extensions with professional only. As by not doing so, they could damage their natural eyelashes. Professional removal softens the glue and fake eyelashes slide off easily from natural eyelashes, therefore causing no harm.

Frequently asked questions

Do individual eyelash extensions damage natural eyelashes?

Individual eyelash extensions do not cause damage to natural lashes. Damage can be made by people who picks and pulls the eyelashes out, therefore breaking or pulling out natural eyelashes. Damage can also be caused by improper removal of individual eyelash extensions. Eyelashes should only be removed by professional to avoid any damage.

Why eyes water through the procedure?

It  may be under eye gel patches poking into your eyes as you may move up or down during the procedure.  It is also possible that you are sensitive to the fumes of the eyelash glue. Special glue for sensitive eyes can be used in that sistuation.

What if I have very short eyelashes, but wish to go for very long and thick eyelashes ?

 I advise to apply shorter eyelashes. Long and thick eyelashes may be too thick for the natural lashes, and this could weight them down. Such eyelashes will not last as long either as bonding area is too small.

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