Split Payment Plan

Blush Beauty Lounge in Bournemouth is excited to announce split payment plan on all Permanent Makeup Treatments.

 How it works

You  can now take advantage of ‘3 part split payment option’ on popular Permanent Treatments for Eyebrows, Eyes and Lips.

With an initial deposit of 50%, this will make it even easier to get the permanent eyebrows, eyeliner or lip colour that  you’ve always wanted. The payment plan is simple, as firstly you need to secure your new treatment with just a 50% initial deposit. Then treatment price is deducted by the deposit amount on the day of the treatment. 

What really diffentiate us from our competitors is the touch up final payment. We allow our customers to choose whether they come back for a second appointment. This means they can come back  up to 3 months after the first treatment. The touch up payment of £70 is payable and  is fixed for all permanent makeup treatments: eyebrows, eyes and lips. This give our customers some time to decide whether they want to make changes to the existing permanent makeup look. So they can decie for example to make the eyeliner or eyebrows thicker. If you are not sure whether to have a touch up session you can contact us to book a free of charge review. So we can advise you if we recommend to have a touch up or not. 

The reason for optional touch up is simple, not everyone needs this second session. Sometimes it is recommended to come back in a year refresher for adding more colour. The general rule is that permanent makeup is and should be more semi permanent especially with the natural looking makeup, Therefore the results should last abour a year til two for eyebrows an lips.

To check all permanent makeup prices please visit our Price List page. 

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