What are the benefits of Eye Permanent Make-up?


We often describe eyes as the window to the soul. Since the ancient times, both men and women were in the habit of applying make-up to their eyes. We like the idea of perfectly applied eye make-up. However, this resulst in make-up smudging and running. It rarely stays intact the whole day or in hot or humid weather conditions. Aditionally not many of us have time to retouch make-up throughout the day, with our busy lives nowadays.
If we want our eye make-up to be always visible the concept of precisely applied eyeliner means retouching it up throughout the day. This still can end up in eye make-up smudging and running.  In oder to have eye make-up stay intact all day, we have to use special waterproof products. However they are hard to remove  and pull the skin too much during removing it.

Who benefits from eye permanent make-up?

The idea of having eye permanent make-up, appears to be a great solution, especially for people who:
  • Have lashes that are too fair, sparse or missing.
  • Frequently experience  eyes  watering in the wind, cold, light, or when they are ill.
  • Suffer from dry eyes.
  • Cannot see what they are doing without the glasses.
  • Struggle with applying make-up beacause of unsteady hands.
  • Wear contact lenses.
  • Cannot simply do eyeliner or any for of an eye make-up.
  • Everyone who wants their eyes to be enhanced.

Benefits of eye permanent make-up

This procedure is so special because it allows us to create the most precise and smudge-free  line that will last even after exercising, swimming, and everyday activities! Getting eye make-up right can be tricky if you don’t know how to do it or you do not have time.  You no longer have to tolerate a washed-out look without eyeliner or smudged or uneven eyeliner. Having an eyeliner enhancement procedure can save a great deal of time. You will wish you have had it done many years ago.  Precise, smudge-free eyelid enhancement will:
  • eliminate that washed out look in the morning or on holidays if you have fair, short or sparse lashes;
  • enhance the colour and shape of your eyes by framing them;
  • limit the time you need for daily eye make-up application;
  • save you from having smudged line by the end of the day;
  • help you if you have sensitive eyes or wearing contact lenses;
  • stay in place for a long time.

Permanent Lashliner

I often get asked for the most natural version of eye permanent enhancement available. Especially these people who decides for this proceure for the first time tend to be more minimalistic. Certainly I would give lashliner as a great example of the minimalist and subtle way of enhancing the eye area.  That means any eye shape, colour and for people all ages and lifestyles. 

 Basically I add the pigment usually black or dark brown colour to the lash area only.  Asa result I create the lash root darker giving illusion of darker lashes. It adds the contast to the lash line which is what we want from an eye make-up.

This version will not leave you with much swelling. Healing time is similar to the classic eyeliner which is a week. 


Permanent Eyeliner

This option is so special because it allows me create the most precise and smudge-free  line that can have added flick. It makes the eye looking larger and more feminine.

We all aim for this perfect almond shape eye look which eyeliner can help us to achieve.  I apply upper eyeliner on top of the lashes and within the lashes so it involes lash enhancement too. Lower eyeliner or lash enhancement is always more subtle and natural. It is usually recommended for larger eyes.

Classic Eyeliner

This eyeliner resembles a solid line that we achieve with either a kohl pencil or a liquid eyeliner. It can involve a flick or even shade added above the line. The classic line with added shaded is a popular version now. The latestes trends in permanent make-up are more natural, soft and without harsh lines or contours.

Shaded /Ombre Eyeliner

This type of eyeliner is getting more and more popular among eye permanent make-up treatments. It makes a great investment as the make-up stays for a long time and fades gradually but look very natural like smudged eyeliner. Tnis resembles we often try to produce using pencils and eyeshadows.

 Facts about Eye Permanent Make-up at Blush

Now you don’t need to use the pencil anymore and you can be waking up with this beautiful line every day. 

You will wish you had it done many years ago. 

The eyeliner treatment involves lash area pigmentation and a line above the lash line. 

The line is drawn before and can include flick or be shaded/smudged. 

The anaesthetic is  used before and during the procedure. 

The eyes are closed uring the procedure so you do not see how the treatment is done.

Do not worry about eye eyes flickering I have enough experience in keeping eye area still.

Appointment length is 120 min (touch up 60min) including anaesthetic time. 

You are afraid it will not work as you have had it before and the line dissapeared after healing. Contact us so we will help you achieving a perfect liner.

Healing time is a week but swelling up to 2 days only. 

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