Important step in Permanent Make-up (PMU) – Consultation

People contact me monthly with problems related to the outcome of the procedures performed by other technicians.  I am pretty sure that these problems could have been avoided by improving the initial phase of the process which is a consultation. That is why I have decided to dedicate this latest post for this crucial issue.  Permanent make-up consultation should guarantee the positive outcome for permanent make-up procedures. Establishing a good communication with clients during the PMU consultation is important for ensuring a successful procedure. So lets talk about this important step in permanent make-up – consultation. Lets break it into two parts. First how it should look like from customer and then from technician perspective.

What we require from the permanent make-up (PMU) technician during this important step – consultation?

Good Communication

The main thing in efective consultation is to create a good communication with your client from the start.

How to create a good communication?

  • Introduce yourself explaining your training, experience and services offered.
  • Be kind and listen to your clients.
  • Speak confidently and clearly and answer all the questions client may have.
  • Even if clients were recommended by a friend, make them all feel very special.
  • Provide all available information regarding the whole process.
  • It should include the healing time, side effects, aftercare and when they will see the final result.
  • Inform the client about the touch up and maintenace of the permanent make-up.

More formal Information

Now its time to get to the clue of the consultation with all relevant information.

  • During consultation ask client more general questions to identify any conditions that are contraindications from the PMU procedure.
  • Give your client to fill in the forms after the initial assessment.
  • I do give my clients to fill out medical and consent forms on the day of the procedure.
  • I also offer a patch test during the consultation but at least 24 hours before the procedure.

Creation Part

Although the client might have seen your work but now you have to show how  you can change his/her face with permanent make-up.

  • Ask the client first what she/he expects from the procedure.
  • Analyze their current style to choose the look that will enhance them but in possibly most natural way.
  • Usually we need to get used to a new face feature first so make a subtle drawing on the client face.
  • Draw a shape of a proposed permanent make-up in colours that best match the client skin, hair, eyes, lips colour.
  • Let the client leave your studio with the make-up.
  • This way they can get used to proposed changes.
  • They can also consult some friends or family members if they are uncertain about this look.
  • Show your client a portfolio of your work also including some healed permanent make-up.
  • You need to remember it is the client that will have their permanent make-up all day long for relatively long time.
  • That is why they need to feel comfortable with what they see in the mirror every day.
  • Inform your client of proposed changes.

What we advise for You as a client in permanent make-up consultation?

To avoid dissapointment from permanent make-up treatment please follow these few very important rules:

  • It is crucial that you do extensive research before choosing which PMU artist you’d like to work with.
  • Although online reviews and personal referrals are certainly useful and helpful, the best way to decide on your preferred artist is to meet with them in person during permanent make-up consultation.
  • After you attend a consultation, observe the workspace to notice if everything looks clean, tidy and sanitary.
  • This give you a good indication of the type of artist you are meeting with before you actually have the procedure.
  • When you sit down to discuss your permanent make-up procedure  be as specific as possible so the artist can have an idea and understanding of what you are expecting from them.
  •  Make sure you clearly state what you want to achieve. Bringing photos for reference may be helpful.
  • Be familiar with technician work style photos before you attend the consultation.
  • Ask questions about their certifications or training if you feel you need this information but best to reserch it even before you meet.
  • Enquire for healed work photos. They are so much more important than photos taken immediately after the procedure.
  •  If you’re not sure about what shape or colour you want, skilled technician can help you decide on the style that is best for you and your facial structure or hair colour etc.

Very Important Tips to follow:

  • My main advice would be to like the style of the work of your chosen permanent make-up artist. When you expect very bold looking brows and the artsist do mainly subtle hairstrokes, be prepared the artist may not provide you what you want.
  • If the permanent make-up technician does not require a consultation before doing a procedure for you as a new customer, it means only one thing – a huge red flag, and that person should be avoided .
  • The last but not least please do not base your permanent make-up artist choice solely on the price or salon proximity!!!! The potential for poor permanent make-up, such as uneven or even worse too deeply done permanent eyebrows, eyeliner or lips can be very costly to fix.  And sometimes not  possible to fix at all.

Word about Microblading

One thing for potentail customers who may consider eyebrow microblading. Microblading course is not a full time course that is required when obtaining permanent make-up qualification. It is most often one or a two ay day course, therefore you see so many people doing microblading in nail or hair salons. Think twice if you want your face tattooed by someone who learn this trade and skill a day or two without any knowlege in pigment colour chemistry. I will make a separate post on microblading as I have seen too many bad works done to leave it undisscussed.

I hope this information is valuable for both permanent make-up technicians and potential customers before deciding on who to choose.
I personally think that permanent make-up is an amazing alternative to daily make-up  that can boost our self-confidence. It only need to be well and carefully planned.

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