Permanent Make-up  Facts, Questions and Advice

Would you like to have the make-up does not smudge or run?

Permanent make-up is practical and waterproof and will stay intact all day, therefore, its perfect for physically active people and any weather conditions.

Would you like to feel and look more confident?

Permanent make-up has a very positive psychological value that definitely increases self-confidence.

Would you be happy if the time you spend on your make-up got shorter?

Permanent make-up is the perfect alternative to daily eyebrow, eyes and lips make-up applications and retouches during the day.

Would you like to achieve the effect that lasts for a long time?

Permanent Make-up is long-lasting 1-3 years or longer.

Would you like thicker, more defined eyebrows? Beautifully-defined eyes? Fuller, colourful lips?

Permanent make-up accentuates the shape and colour of your eyes, lips and eyebrows.

Would you like to look younger?

Permanent makeup is perfect for solution for ageing. It replaces the lost pigment and restores definition in lips, eyes and eyebrows. It creates a similar effect of a brow lift effect – but without the surgery!

Do you have sparse, uneven eyebrows? Are you not happy with the shape of your lips? Do you have this washout look without eye make-up?

Permanent makeup corrects these parts of your face and enhances its beauty.

Have you had permanent makeup before and you have been disappointed in the past? Are you trying to find permanent make-up of high quality?

Yes it is possible to correct unwanted permanent makeup. With more than 13 years of experience, and endless passion for what I do, I am permanent make-up specialist trained by the best in this fast paced industry and learnt all the newest and available techniques existing on the market today. And I still update my skills.

Do permanent makeup have to look dark and fake?

No. Your permanent make-up can finally look natural without striking or artificial looking eyebrows, brownish lip contours and unfinished eyeliners where the colour fades immediately after healing or does not follow the line of the eyelashes.

How to choose permanent makeup technician?

Permanent make-up is an art and every permanent make-up technician has their own personal style, taste and perception of beauty. That is why I encourage all interested in the treatment to browse the gallery of healed works ideally,  to get familiar with the style and stndard of permanent makeup offered. I never try to convince someone to choose a procedure if I don’t think it would benefit and improve their look.

Permanent Make-up Treatment facts:

  • Avgerage Recovery 7 days
  • Appointment Length 2 hours
  • Number of Sessions needed 1-2
  • Anaesthesia Topical
  • Waterproof stay intact all day
  • Increases self-confidence
  • Permanence longlasting 1-3 years or longer
  • Accentuates the shape and colour of your eyes, lips and eyebrows
  • Type Permanent Make-up Device
  • Effects 1-3 Months

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